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Pivotal Clothing for Christians with an "ex" in their testimony

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Pivotal Clothing was birthed as a celebration of God's redemptive power. We acknowledge his grace and mercy for our lives as his children and embrace the opportunity at a second chance at life through the blood of Jesus.

Upon accepting the beautiful and wonderful gift of salvation we have a new understanding separate from our former lives, and now live with an "ex" in front of our testimony.

Through the redemptive and reconciling sacrifice of the "only begotten son", we live as "ex gang members", as "ex drug dealers", as "ex thieves"; and embrace God's forgiveness as he see's us through the lens of Christ.

By the recognition of his redemptive plan we pivot away from the bondage of sin and journey towards accepting God's love through his son Jesus Christ.

"Pivotal Clothing is for believers with an ex in their testimony"



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