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Consultant Hello and welcome to Pivotal Clothing Co, we are a new Clothing line birthed in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. If you are self-motivated, driven and determined, you give us all the more reason to be excited by the opportunity to share with you in the growth and expansion of our brand. Pivotal Clothing Co is looking to expand our team and let more people get involved in our company. We're happy to announce our new Pivotal Sales Rep Program!

Here's How It Works


:Sales are recorded via promo code. Your client receives a 20% discount and sales consultant receives 20% of total sell every time their promo code is used to complete a sale.

Example: Customer total is $100.00, after 20% discount has been applied via promo code. Because your promo code was used on this sale, you would receive a $20.00 commission on this individual order.


*Please Note* A promo code cannot be attached to an order that has already been processed by our merchant processor. If your client forgets to enter the promo code for your transaction, Pivotal Clothing Co cannot assign you (sales rep.) credit for the transaction.

How Do I Get Paid?


Sales are reviewed every week and payment can be made electronically to your Bank account or through PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. We pay you out once the week your sales initiated on concludes.


Example: If your first sale generates on Monday, you will be paid out on or before the following Monday.

How Do I Promote My Code?


Here is where you can get creative, we have found that wearing the brand and showing the world just how good the product looks on you works wonders! It gives you the advantage in two aspects. One, it allows you to relate to the brand, and two, it allows you a conversation piece to talk about what your wearing and capture the sell. A lot of people choose to post photos along with their code to all of their social media outlets. Each representative will receive 2 Pivotal Clothing Merchandise items, free of charge, after their first two successful orders have been completed.


Benefits of Being a Pivotal Sales Rep

  • 20% commission on every sale you make

  • 25% discount off personal purchases

  • No cap on sales incentives

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Opportunity to contribute to the growth of a young, fresh, positive, and cool brand.

How do I start selling for Pivotal Clothing Co.

​Please send the information below to the following email address

  • Provide your Physical and Mailing Address

  • Signed W9

  • Provide a copy of Social Security Card

  • Provide Phone Number and email

  • Provide a copy of your driver’s license and or identification card

You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours, if you don’t please contact us at 602- 690-5360

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