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Pivotal Clothing available @ MVMNT Christian Stores in Gilbert, Az

Pivotal Clothing is excited about the love that MVMNT Christian Stores has shown our young company. Not many businesses/brands are blessed to have their clothing in the market place as early as we have and we are grateful for the opportunity. We want to thank Sam Medar, owner of MVMNT Christian Stores located at 730 N Cooper Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85233, for believing in our brand and its mission to spread the gospel of Christ through introducing people to God's redemptive LOVE.

People who wear the Pivotal Clothing brand wear it because Pivotal Clothing represents our realization of a positive change in life. Pivotal Clothing symbolizes, represents, and honors that life has changed and become more fruitful because of God's love and his desire to see us whole in this fragmented world.

Are you ready to represent your love and appreciation for God's grace and mercy upon your life? Stop by MVMNT Christian Stores located at 730 N Cooper Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85233 and join the movement of those who are ready to represent their "pivot"toward faith.

NOT IN ARIZONA? No problem, we can ship to you. Order today at, thanks in advance for your patronage and joining us on our journey of pivoting away from the old and turning to the newness found in Christ. May we all remain blessed through his favor and grace, amen!

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